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NUNO Bag: "NUNO Eco Circle Bag" (Ebony)

NUNO Bag: "NUNO Eco Circle Bag" (Ebony)

$ 55.00

NUNO teamed with Teijin Fibers Limited to create the “NUNO Eco Circle Bag,” made from 100% recycled/100% recyclable ECO CIRCLE® polyester. Based on NUNO’s patented origami pleats process, this bag expands from a narrow strip of fabric that can easily be carried in a purse or pocket to accommodate your on-the-go purchases.

  • 15" H x 12" W (w/o Handles) Fully Expanded, Collapses to 1.25" Strip
  • Polyester 100%
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: Reiko Sudo