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NUNO Scarf: "Papillon Border" (Gray/Khaki)

NUNO Scarf: "Papillon Border" (Gray/Khaki)

$ 250.00

The multilayer weave "Papillon Border" is created with silk chirimen techniques from Kyotango, a traditional textile production city on the Sea of Japan in northern Kyoto Prefecture. Renowned for its soft and luxurious feel, chirimen features uneven surface crimps, called “shibo,” created by using untwisted raw silk threads for the warp and hard-twisted threads for the weft. When the weft is partially cut after weaving, these tightly twisted crimps relax and spread like the wings of a butterfly. 

  • 76.7" (Long) x 14.5" (Wide)
  • Silk 89%/Wool 11%
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: Reiko Sudo