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NUNO One-Armhole Shawl: "Surf" (Black/White)

NUNO One-Armhole Shawl: "Surf" (Black/White)

$ 300.00

When NUNO set out to create a shawl with staying power, the answer was easy—a single armhole. Now, no matter how active your life, the shawl stays off the floor and on your shoulders. The breathtakingly modern “Surf” pattern captures the undulating motion of the sea with a dramatic graphic pattern of black and white lines. NUNO weaves this fabric using special S and Z twisted yarns for a crepe-like stretch. Uniformly long, fine Merino wool--arguably the highest quality wool in the world--is as heat-retentive as it is soft on the skin.

  • 78.7" (Long) x 23.6" (Wide)
  • Wool 100
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: Reiko Sudo