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Knirps x NUNO Ultra-Compact Umbrella: "KASA" (Blue/White)

Knirps x NUNO Ultra-Compact Umbrella: "KASA" (Blue/White)

$ 95.00

Manufactured by Knirps, the iconic company that invented the folding umbrella in 1928, the ultra-compact NUNO-designed “KASA” is based on the Edo komon technique of dying fabric. When it is seen from afar it looks solid, but when seen up close it is actually covered with an extremely delicate repeated motif.

  • Approx. 37" DIA When Open, Approx. 7" L x 2.5" DIA When Closed, Less than 10 Oz.
  • Polyester 100% (Water Repellent) Umbrella Fabric, Aluminum, Steel and Fiberglass Frame, ABS No-Slip Resin Grip
  • EVA Resin Waterproof Zippered Storage Case
  • Engineered in Germany, Manufactured in China