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NUNO Narrow Shawl: "Hittsuki Mushi" (Blue/Black/White)

NUNO Narrow Shawl: "Hittsuki Mushi" (Blue/Black/White)

$ 154.00

 “Hittsuki Mushi” is based on pattern of burs, the barbed seeds that stick to your socks during a hike in the mountains. But NUNO’s version is anything but prickly. Ultra-soft merino wool overspun yarns combined with cotton make a solid, tightly woven ground, while cut threads of flat merino wool bring a light air of movement to the pattern edges.

  • 63" (Long) x 11.8" (Wide)
  • Wool 64%, Cotton 36%/
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: Reiko Sudo