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NUNO Bag: "New Sputtering Gloss Origami" (Silver)

NUNO Bag: "New Sputtering Gloss Origami" (Silver)

$ 150.00

Based on origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, this bag is first constructed and sewn, then folded repeatedly at sharp angles and permanent pressed into pleats. The unique fabric is a sheer polyester finished with a process called “sputtering.” Used extensively in the semiconductor industry to deposit a thin film of metal on a substrate, sputtering gives the surface of the textile a stainless steel luster and mirror-like texture. 

  • 16" H x 16" W (w/o Handles) Fully Expanded, Collapses to 1" Strip
  • Polyester 100%
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: NUNO Studio