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NUNO Over-Tunic: "Bobbin Flowers" (Black, Size 2)

NUNO Over-Tunic: "Bobbin Flowers" (Black, Size 2)

$ 395.00

To create the deceivingly delicate-looking “Bobbin Flower” over-tunic, NUNO revolutionizes traditional lace-making technique by embroidering tape on a water-soluble ground, then washing away the base cloth to leave a latticework motif of rose petals.

  • Size 2 (31.5” Length, 40” Chest Circumference, 22” Armhole Circumference, 46” Hem Circumference)
  • Nylon 100%
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: Reiko Sudo
*Petroleum-based dry cleaning is recommended to maintain the original color and texture of the fabric. Never tumble dry. When washing at home, hand-wash in cold water with a neutral detergent that does not contain bleach.