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NUNO One-Armhole Shawl: "Bean Scatter" (Blue/Black/White)

NUNO One-Armhole Shawl: "Bean Scatter" (Blue/Black/White)

$ 300.00

When NUNO set out to create a shawl with staying power, the answer was easy—a single armhole. Now, no matter how active your life, the shawl stays off the floor and on your shoulders. One of NUNO's Kitchen Series textiles, "Bean Scatter" features a design of the azuki beans used in Japanese sweets. This ultra-soft shawl is woven with stretchy overspun wool warps on a narrow-width loom used for kimono sashes.

  • 78.7" (Long) x 23.6" (Wide)
  • Wool 64%, Cotton 36%
  • Reversible
  • Made in Japan
  • Designer: Reiko Sudo